On the Day


A map will have been emailed to all participants outlining the registration area and the briefing location.

The first thing to do when arriving is head straight to registration where swimmers will receive a swimming cap, racing band, and unique swimmer number tattoo. All of these must be worn throughout the day.

A compulsory race briefing will begin (7:30am for the 400m swim, 7:45am for all other swims) which will tell you about safety protocols, information about the course, and general race information. Please note that if you miss this race, you will not be able to compete on the day.

Check-in opens at 6.30am and closes at 7.15am

Late registrations will be taken on the morning.

Race Start

Swimmers are to go through the start chute – all swimmers must be compliant with the WOW Swims Rules and Regulations from this point as they will be inspected as they make their way through the chute.

Start times
7:40am | 400m “Try-It” course
8:00am | 3200m course
8:05am | 1600m LiveLighter Masters Swimming WA State Championships course
8:10am | 1600m Public course
8:15am | 800m course

Race Finish

When approaching the finish, all distances will be directed to the same buoy where paddlers will be stationed so that all swimmers know where to go. The paddlers will direct swimmers to the official finish line, marked by two black and white buoys.

Swimmers will proceed to the blueChip timing mat in the order that they swam through the black and white buoys to complete their course. Times will be recorded as swimmers pass over the timing mat.

As swimmers pass through the finishing chute, they are requested to take off their timing band before they head over to the fruit and water station.

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